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Keeping athletes safe is the core focus for Reflector. We’ve all gotten used to dancing out of the way of cars that don’t see us because we’re wearing gear with the bare minimum of reflective dots on our  running apparel. We stop, we swerve, and hope we react in time.

Reflector believes that an athlete’s work is never done and we want to make sure that no matter the time you are more visible.  Our athletes find time in the early morning before starting the day or after a day’s work to step out into the quickly vanishing sunlight for a run, bike, or other workout.


We’re all there together, staring down the darkness in anticipation of heavy breaths coinciding with the first heavy steps out of the door. 

Reflector is here to help to improve the visibility of athletes who train in low light or dark conditions by offering extra reflectivity with style.

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