Marathon 1/50 - Lubec Bay of Fundy Marathon

When getting more serious about running in November of 2014. My wife and I decided to take on the challenge of running a marathon in all 50 states, The first state on the list was Maine. Jess and I discussed many options, but decided on the Bay of Fundy Marathon because of its unique course location of Lubec, ME, the easternmost town in the U.S.

Everything pre-race went smoothly, driving from Portland, visiting the small town, finding little gems on the Main St.(a small cat adoption place, a nice diner).

The race day weather was going to get into the mid-sixties and I thought I was in good running shape to complete the marathon.

While the first 12 miles went well for both my wife and I, the hills on Campobello Island and the rising temperatures started to take their toll. While my wife slowed her pace a little to stay with me over the next 10 miles before finishing. I personally really struggled in the heat and the hills forcing myself to walk and jog to the finish. Eventually, well over 5 hours later, I crossed the finished line. My time was nothing to gloat over and I had almost felt as though I should take the DNF. A tough lesson to learn in preparation and pacing for the first marathon I've run since Journey's Marathon in 1997 and Grandma's Marathon in 1998. We both had an overall great time in Maine and hopefully we get to see more of the beautiful state.

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