SELECTIONS FOR A RUNNING LIGHT 6 Great picks for a running light

When you work a long day you may have to squeeze in your run before or after work. In addition to wearing Reflector, a good running light helps you be more visible to cars and others. Running lights also help show the way if an area is particularly foggy or dark and there may be trip hazards.

  1. Avanto https://avantolifestyle.com/

Avanto makes a very good line of safety products. They are geared slightly more to trail running IMO because their lights are so bright, but this is also what makes them effective. A great pick-up for a runner or a cyclist trying to stay safe.

2. Petzl


Petzl offers a great variety of headlamps, some even have rechargeable capabilities. Their headlamps offer runners, cyclists, hikers, and even cavers multiple options. They offer other mountaineering products as well, similar to some other companies.

3. Black Diamond


Black Diamond has a very nice array of headlamps, some at different lumens (brightness) for you to explore. These were first designed for trekking, trail running, and hiking.

4. UltraSpire belt https://ultraspire.com/product-category/lumens/

Ultraspire makes a number of waist belts. You’ll need to decide the best one for you and your budget. The real positive is that the tunnel vision of using a headlamp is less likely to occur with a waist belt. This product is almost exclusively designed for runners of all types.

5. NoxGear - Lighted vest


Noxgear really helps a runner stay more visible with the caveat of not illuminating the road ahead. These packs are rechargeable and give off a bright glowing light. It's a useful tool for both runners and cyclists that need better night-time visibility.

6. Knuckle Lights


Knuckle Lights are similar to carrying small powerful flashlights as you run. These powerful lights do a good job to illuminate the road ahead of you. They are predicated on having good running form, but still are very effective for visibility. Knuckle Lights does make a clip-on (tail light), which is an advisable co-purchase depending on the traffic where you live.

Reflector makes no official endorsements, only suggestions for products to consider. Our goal is to encourage safe running, and a safe sports environment for everyone.

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