Running safe: Reflector's visibility tips

Reflector Brand safety advice: A brief guide for better visibility for athlete's that train in low-light conditions. If you run, bike, or walk in the early morning or late evening hours these handy tips may be for you.

There are many blog posts out there pushing all of the top brands, we want you to be informed on the best practices in being visible regardless of your budget. –Running safe shouldn't break your wallet.

When I lace up on those dark mornings just for a few miles to clear my head I always think about is my visibility. This thought process came after nearly getting hit several times when trying to go for a run. Part of my frustration was when I was trying to buy clothes to help me stand out. There was almost nothing around. Most running apparel is all dark, not much of it has all that much reflective to be beneficial to alert drivers that a person is running. Now, thankfully, more companies have started to fill in the gaps.

So how does someone make sure they stay visible in these low-light running situations?

Let's explore some top tips

Running in a bright color

People's eyes are sensitive to color at dawn and dusk hours. Including more fluorescent colors in your apparel helps improve your safety, especially incorporating yellow and orange, according to the governments American National Standards Institute. Having contrasting colors allows for drivers to be able to see runners in low light. When it comes to picking out something safe for running, biking or walking remember to do the bright thing.

Incorporating reflective

Should I add a running light?

Any Extra Running tips


Incorporating Reflective

Guess what? We may get permanent daylight savings. That means darker mornings for those winter runs and longer stretches of daylight at the end of the day. This would render reflective running gear much more important, especially for morning runners.

A lot of reflective wear can come in the form of vests from a variety of companies. A few places will sell a baseball-type hat for the summer months. Currently, Reflector specializes in running tops with reflective designs many of which come in bright colors to help give runners maximum visibility no matter what time they run. We aren't the only company, but we try to cater more to running and endurance athlete crowds with our designs which aim to help keep runners as safe as possible.

Should I add a running light?

A running light or a running headlamp is a great idea to carry with you when you know it will be dark out when running. It doesn't serve as a substitute for bright colors and reflective but as another aid. Wearing a headlamp or any other light can help you see in front of you and help cars around you notice you as well. Bear in mind that lights can sometimes jostle around and you have to be aware of your surroundings. A few companies have begun making wearable lights similar to backpacks. The pack-based lights can either mark the way in front of you or have more of a beacon setting which is more useful for the night.

I have used all of these product ideas, especially together, for maximum visibility when out running. these are some of the things that help a runner feel a little more secure when there are a number of drivers and distracted drivers on the roadways.

Any extra tips: running visible

There are a lot of products out there to help you try to be safer and more visible when running. There are even smaller items in these concepts that we didn't cover so you can be safer and more visible. Certain companies sell reflective shoelaces and wristbands, and a handful sell belts with different fasteners that are reflective. If you look around there are also snap-on and clip-on lights that runners can wear on their wrists to improve their visibility.

If you think about new ways you'd like Reflector to cover running safety, running visibility, or any new product designs we'll consider your e-mail.

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